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Renaissance Gown and Renaissance Wedding Gown

Providing historically accurate custom court Renaissance dress to private clientele and the theatre. Specializing in costume of the Elizabethan, High Italian Renaissance and Renaissance eras. We provide wedding gowns for the noble of birth and to the court itself. Stimpzilla's also tailors custom men's Renaissance doublets, sword cloaks, slops, gambesons and costume for stage combat. We will tailor the finest of custom renaissance gowns to suit your needs.

If you desire a Renaissance gown suitable for court to wear at your next Renaissance Faire, SCA event, or wedding we will be pleased to custom to design the perfect gown for you, creating the renaissance dress of your dreams. We strive to make you attire that best suits your individual taste, be it Elizabethan, Tudor, Italian, or courtesan. We are most pleased to design the perfect custom renaissance wedding gown just for you. And are happy to dress you in the finest of renaissance attire.

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Renaissance Tudor Jewelry

We have now added a line of Renaissance Tudor jewelry for your enjoyment. All pieces are designed to catch the eye of H.R.H. Queen Elizabeth and are offered in a niello finish on pewter and 22K gilt gold on pewter. Avail bile now are girdles, collars, necklaces, cancanets, chains and bracelets with jewels of genuine carnelian, onyx, malachite, lapis and of course pearls. All styled in the Tudor renaissance period.
We greatly enjoy what we do, and love making renaissance gowns. A welcome and wonderous accessory to any Noble's costume.